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Lost in Mentone

Since I was just a child I loved to go to Mentone: it was our regular day trip every time we were at the sea. Me, my sister, my mom and my grandparents used to wake up at the sunrise in order to catch the train that would take us “abroad”. Mentone was just a short train ride but it always felt like we were going super far: we had to change currency and that meant that, each time, both me and my sister would receive some pocket money to spend in the charming shops of the “Rue pietonelle” which was a sort of paradise to us. Me and my sister were obsessed by the millions of colourful, magnificently scented and fruity shaped soaps that were sold there: I was always in a rush to buy and my money was gone in no time while my sister was more diligent: she would look for bargains and always ended up with a bigger bag of shopping than mine 😉