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Our Italian Summer

This year I was not so excited to go back to Italy: I knew the temperature would be crazily hot and, in all honesty, I was feeling quite daunted by the idea of leaving the comfort of my home with two small children. I knew since the very beginning that this holiday would be pretty hard and not really relaxing; in fact I was spot on: holidaying with two very small kids is not an easy task and I had several meltdowns during the three weeks spent in Italy.

Catherine’s second birthday!!

Catherine’s second birthday party wasn’t so well planned as her first. Between the recent relocation, the holidays, a printer that refuses to work and, let’s admit is, a bit of laziness, all the details weren’t as good as last year.  I regret a bit not having started planning before the move but I’m human so I understand it’s ok not to be perfect 😉