giovedì 28 luglio 2016

Lost in Mentone

Since I was just a child I loved to go to Mentone: it was our regular day trip every time we were at the sea. Me, my sister, my mom and my grandparents used to wake up at the sunrise in order to catch the train that would take us "abroad". Mentone was just a short train ride but it always felt like we were going super far: we had to change currency and that meant that, each time, both me and my sister would receive some pocket money to spend in the charming shops of the "Rue pietonelle" which was a sort of paradise to us. Me and my sister were obsessed by the millions of colourful, magnificently scented and fruity shaped soaps that were sold there: I was always in a rush to buy and my money was gone in no time while my sister was more diligent: she would look for bargains and always ended up with a bigger bag of shopping than mine ;)

For lunch we wouldn't skip a meal in a bistrot where we would always take the daily special which, typically, consisted of steak and fries (so yummy!) accompanied by crepes or a slice of "tarte aux citrons". 
After lunch we would walk along the boulevard and, often, we would catch the tourist train for a city tour. We would then head back to the train station where we would always get some French magazines as my grandad always wanted us to get exposed to foreign languages.

As you might have understood by now, Mentone is a place very dear to my heart which was replaced for some years in favour of Cannes or Nice. However, travelling with Catherine is quite a challenge so Mentone is the perfect distance for us! It was so nice to come back and rediscover the same perfumes and the same colours of the past.

Mentone is so charming: it's old, colourful, corky, full of flowers and the sea is so blue that it hurts your eyes. A very French village filled with Italians ;)
If you ever have the chance to visit, I recommend you to lose yourself in her alleys and to go and see the Cathedral from which you'll have the best view. The "Rue Pietonelle" is the perfect shopping spot which is a triumph of colours and fragrances; here you can buy the typical Provencal products: Marseille soaps, essences, artisanal perfumes, accessories for the house and, of course clothes! I will leave you with a few links of my favourite shops:

 Mathilde M.: the perfect shop for the "shabby chic" lover, here you can find lovely things for your house and there is also a baby section that sells super sweet gifts for new-born’s.The shop is quite expensive but it’s definitely worth a visit! 

 Magic Senteur: here you can find the best Marseille's soap flavoured with lemon, oranges, peaches and much more. Furthermore you can find the French brand Durance which has everything you need to scent your house and it comes in a very cute packaging. 

 Au Pays du Citron: the bestsellers here are the famous lemons of Mentone: here you can find tons of edible products (you can taste many) but also toiletries, all handmade. It's a real yellow paradise and the staff is very friendly!

So did I convince you to visit this beautiful village?

P.S. If you want to see the video of our holiday and a bit of Mentone, below you will find the link to the video!


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