martedì 12 luglio 2016

Sara and Catherine's Tales has a new look!!

We’ve just arrived from holidays and there is already big news! In fact, for a few months I’ve been busy looking for inspiration and ideas to redo the graphics of my blog. I grew out of love with the old one as I wanted something more clear, focused on my pictures and more pleasant to look at. I also really wanted a customised logo instead of the Etsy pre-made ones, they are very pretty but I wanted something that was more matching the "soul" of my blog.

I chose a graphic that focusses mainly on the pictures as photography is my biggest passion and I'm trying to get better at it, however I'm not even close to being good but I'm basically teaching myself how to take photos, how to play with lights, angles etcetera. I would love to do a course but I can't as I have my little Catherine to look after.  

I really love that my homepage is more about the photos and has less empty blank spaces.

For the logo I asked my dear friend Claudia from "Fatto con il cuore" which means "Made with the heart" as she is truly passionate about her job. I gave Claudia very specific instructions as I really knew what I wanted: I asked her something that is really out of her comfort zone and definitely not her style but, as we know each other from the "The Womoms" community, for which we both collaborate, I really wanted her to design my logo. I had something very minimal and black and white in my head so that the pictures would stand out even more and to avoid the "messy colourful look" which is not something I like for my blog. Also it had to be something that would reflect Amsterdam: the city where we’ve just moved and which I'm totally in love with. When I saw the result I was so happy: she did an excellent job, respecting all my requests and being extremely professional. I surely can recommend her and I'm so thankful she took on this project even though it was quite different from her style; I cannot recommend her enough! 

With all that being said I would love to hear what you think of the new look of my blog! Do you like it better or do you prefer the old version? Anything you'd like to change? All your lovely comments and suggestions are always welcome!

♡ Claudia "Fatto con il cuore" website: her Instagram:

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