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Brunch time @Pluk

If you love the Nordic style, flowers, super trendy smoothies, cake and pancakes, then you cannot miss Pluk. Located in one of the ‘9 Straatjes’ (one of the best areas in Amsterdam), this coffee place quickly became a must see for the ‘Amsterdammer’ and, also thanks to huge success on their Instagram page, for tourists.

If you love food photography this is the place for you, even a “photo shy” person like me felt very confident in shooting like crazy: in fact, most of the people there are taking photos and how can you blame them? This place is filled with gorgeousness! 

We went for a quick brunch and we surely weren’t let down: everything is so bright, airy and transmits happy vibes. Plus the pancakes I had were divine!
Not only can you fill your belly at Pluk but you can empty your wallet too! They sell very pretty decorative items and accessories (I’m obsessed with their marble phone case and their drink glasses, I guess I must go back!). Oh and did I mention the amazing chocolate bars they make? Just their packaging is worth it 😉

The only downside is that the breakfast area is upstairs and only reachable via a very pretty but also very Dutch (steep!!) staircase. Not a problem for most people but with a crazy toddler like Catherine it’s not so much fun: she thought the stair was some sort of entertainment and wanted to climb on and off all the time. But if your child is happy to sit for a while then no worries…after all Catherine’s terrible twos are in full swing 😉 N.B. If you go with a buggy then you will need to leave it downstairs.

I absolutely recommend Pluk, even for a quick smoothie or for a nice look around 😉

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Bye bye Switzerland

In two days I will leave Switzerland permanently and it starts to hit me that, after 4 years in this green country, it is time to say goodbye!
As many of you know already Switzerland has never won over my heart, however, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic lately. Catherine was born here and I have amazing memories of her first one and a half years here. My life has changed completely in Switzerland and I will be forever grateful to this country. I will miss all the nice expat moms that I have met here but I won’t miss the Swiss lifestyle which I find a bit too quiet for my taste ;),

I’m so excited to start a new chapter of our lives in Amsterdam, I feel so privileged that I will get to live in such an amazing city which stole my heart. Every time I land in Amsterdam I feel exactly like I felt when I used to come back to London: I feel home, I feel like I belong there and that is a priceless feeling.
I fell in love with Amsterdam the same way I fell in love with London; in fact I find these two cities very similar as they both are so vibrant and buzzy, also both cities seem to have the magic power of making you feel alive.

Being in a big city helps my anxiety so much! Being surrounded by a lot of people makes me feel free, light and positive. I’m aware that Amsterdam is not as perfect as Switzerland but I like chaos and I’m sure I will fit in very well.
Of course my head is full of doubts: will I find new friends? Will I be able to learn Dutch? … However I know one thing for sure: “once a city girl always a city girl” and therefore I will be fine!
Holland will be the fifth country where I will be living and I feel enormously blessed to have the chance of living abroad. Being an expat is not easy but it surely is extremely exciting!

Well, I hope you will keep following my adventures in Holland, I cannot wait to share my new life with you guys!