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How I create my flatlays

I never considered doing a tutorial simply because I never thought I was good enough to share information with you. I still feel that way and photography is a journey where so much can be discovered daily but, as many…



I’m really looking forward to spring: the cherry trees blossoming, the warm breeze, cosy picnics and flowers, flowers everywhere! January and February are so boring and dull and the spring still seems miles away; but do not fear! I have…


A simple London Christmas

This was one of the most quiet, most relaxed and most fulfilling Christmases ever. We decided to stay in London and enjoy our little family, without the stress of catching planes and packing half the house to travel. I have…


Sequins at Christmas

The festive season is upon us and it’s your time to shine. Whether you’re in for a cozy meal with your family or bouncing from one party to another, this is the time to pull your best dress out and…