If you follow us on our stories you already know what fun we had on Saturday baking cookies at The Langham. As I had too many cute pictures that I didn’t want to get lost and, as many of you asked to know more about this cooking class, I decided to write a quick blog post where you can find more info.

The Langham hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels in London and very much reflects my style: it’s very British, very elegant and yet very simple; a true quintessential British gem.
Inside this amazing piece of architecture lies a gorgeous cookery school called Sauce where all the details are studied to perfection. We were invited to try the kids Gingerbread making class which me and my mum attended with Catherine.

The class is for kids above 4 and it lasts 3 hours: it starts with sipping teas and coffee while waiting for all the “students” to arrive and then it’s time to work. First the kids learn to make the dough, they then cook the biscuits and also learn how to make festive decorations such as icing and much more. There is also a break during which kids can enjoy a little snack and some refreshments. The whole process is taught by highly skilled chefs who run the kitchens at The Langham. Catherine loved to listen to their little tricks and tips and got to know more about the ingredients.

This is such a wonderful activity which we were lucky enough to share with Catherine’s grandma as she was visiting on that day: she also had lots of fun!

The class cost 50£ and accompanying parents go free: I honestly think this is such good value for money and a very special treat for kids that love to bake.
All kids can bring their freshly made products home as well as aprons, tote bag and much valuable knowledge.
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