White and blue bedroom decor

When I finally decided to give my bedroom a more grown up look, I went on Pinterest and looked for inspiration. I wanted to achieve a traditional look with a mix of French and English styles. 

I knew I wanted to go for a palette of blues and whites as they are very soothing shades and, supposedly, they are helpful to unwind and fall asleep. 

As we are renting, I’m not allowed to put wallpaper on the walls, that’s why I created my own framed wallpaper panels which you can see on both sides of the bed (I will show you how I did it in a new post). 

I purposely mixed different patterns to give the room that unequivocal English vibe; while doing so I was careful not to clash patterns by mixing small and large designs. This helped me to achieve a collected, calm look.

My revamp was extremely cheap as I used wallpaper samples, items sourced on Ebay and took advance of TK Max online shopping for some heavily discounted beddings. Some fresh sheets were very much needed as, having the tendency to buy cheap sets from Amazon, resulted in me owning some pretty worn out bedding. Well, growing up (or old) I certainly learned the lesson that less is more and quality is more important than quantity. 

 I’m very happy with the result but my room is not ready yet: I want to incorporate an old chest of drawers in dark wood (I cannot believe I want dark wood in my house, what happened to me?!?!) and some vintage paintings. Again, as I have a very small budget, I will look for some preloved pieces on Ebay. Whenever possible, I want to try and repurpose as much as possible instead od buying new pieces. 

So what are your thoughts on my room?


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