Father’s Day and messy Toddler

This week end we finally got some sun!! To me that makes such a big difference and gives me an extra boost of energy.

Saturday we had a lovely stroll along the lake and Catherine was miraculously well behaved in the new buggy, Pelu’ was also very happy to do what she “calls” swimming which consist on wetting her paws only as she is the only “non-swimming” labrador 😉
Catherine really enjoyed the sun and she insisted on wearing my sunglasses most of the time: I wasn’t very happy about that as I brought them to cover a very bad make up day haha! I hope I didn’t scare anyone 😉

Saturday was also Father’s Day, or at least the day we celebrate it in Italy and another miracle happened: I baked a cake and it tasted good as well! I followed the recipe of my friend Anna who is an amazing cook. For the occasion I set up a special table for the dinner and we had a lovely family time (trying to avoid the food Catherine was throwing at us 😉 ).

Sunday morning we headed to Zurich and we had a long walk, unfortunately it was quite foggy and the sun just poked trough when we had to leave. Nonetheless we had our share of fun as going out with a toddler and a very “pushy” dog is never boring 😉
The rest of the Sunday was spent at home relaxing while Catherine was trashing the house and bumping her head everywhere just to give a little twist to the afternoon. One day she will give me a heart attack!

Today was a special Monday too: Catherine attended an Easter party at her usual Monday playgroup! She loved it: she sat at the table for a rather long time getting her hands on cupcakes and lovely snacks. After that she enjoyed a very messy craft session: there was paint everywhere (even on the walls!!) She also attempted to eat the paint and was filthy at the end. However I love to see her having fun so I couldn’t care less about the dirty clothes. I kept the masterpiece she created so she will have a memory of her”toddler talent” in the future.


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