5 Reason why I love being a blogger

I have always been obsessed with photos and I was just a child when I started taking pictures. I still remember that in Italy there was a polaroid advert which would say something like: “a picture that has never been taken is a memory that you’ll always miss”. Well I couldn’t agree more with that statement!
I’m an hoarder when it comes to photos and, with the digital era, things got a bit out of hand 😉 Thank god Instagram came along replacing those boring Facebook albums!
Well, in the end I needed a place to collect all my picture and that’s how my blog came to life.

Being out there on social networks with all those others blogger gives me a unique way of interacting with people. I’m a chatterbox and I love to exchange opinions and ideas with people from all over the world! I’m also very addicted to Instagram: there I meet so many wonderful people  there and some of them I consider real friends even when we’ve never meet in person.

When I was a child I enjoyed to write hundreds of pages of my diaries and writing has always been something that fascinated me. I basically wrote my all life: scribbling words on a paper has helped me to find my way through some really tough time but now I write in a positive way and I’m loving it!

Please don’t get my wrong here as I love being a mom, in fact it’s the only reason I’m so driven to work on other things too. However, my blog is an escape from the diaper changing, floor scrubbing and tantrum management that I deal with on a daily basis! I work on my blog every day while Catherine naps and after she goes to bed, it is hard work and sometimes I ask my self why am I doing this instead of sleeping? 😉 Well it’s simple, I feel like I’m doing something cool with my spare time, something that makes me happy and proud of my elf. I need to do something for me and my blog is my space, I just love everything about it.

As many of you might already know I always had anxiety issues: the blog keeps me busy so I don’t get any material time to focus on my negative thoughts. Of course I will always be very prone to anxiety, however I learnt to keep it under control: the anxiety it’s there but it’s not longer overwhelming. For me that’s a huge achievement! I feel that the social interaction that comes with a blog really helped me to be more positive and that is why I only post (here and on my socials) only happy things. Life is already hard enough and I need to concentrare on the simple things that makes me happy!


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