Blogmas: a new corner in my home and OCD issues (Eng.)

In my last post about my Christmas decoration I was telling you how I was’t satisfied with the decorative items beside the tv.
Well, after a lot of rearrangement I eventually found a solution that I actually kind of like (I don’t love it yet but we’re getting there).

My mom got me this beautiful lamp from Riviera Maison which is my main Christmas gift, I already received it as there was not point in transporting it up and down in a already overloaded car. So, lucky me, here it is!!
I’m so excited about it because I wanted this lamp for rather long time, I think it looks amazing and stylish. It did’t come with a cheap price tag (around 160 Euro) but the quality difference over the cheaper version at Ikea is crystal clear.

Beside the lamp I’ve arranged a little tray with a glass shiny big bauble, a little candle, an hurricane vase filled with some Christmassy bits  and two identical tea light holder which I used to hold some fresh roses. I think that real flowers make such a difference when decorating a room, I often get mine at the Lidl as they are tons cheaper. Here in Switzerland they have the most amazing flowers shops but they are so pricy!! I I day dream about going in there and buy huge bouquets but I don’t think my hubby will be very pleased (I have some serious shopping issues haha).

I’m thinking of rearranging my whole living area/kitchen after the holidays as both rooms need a very good clean up: they are becoming very messy and mess to me equals anxiety. It’s very odd when I think about it but, being very prone to anxiety, I feel much more at peace when things around me are tidy and clean; probably that’s how I control my anxiety. Oh boy, I’m complicated 😉
Anyway, I hope you like my new corner!


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