Blogmas: cupcake and make up (Eng.)

Today was a very early day: Catherine slept horrible (again) which meant a tired family in the morning.
The perk of being thrown out of bed so early was to get into Zurich in time to easily find a parking spot: Zurich is a small city and, with the Christmas shoppers rushing to get the last gifts, can get extremely busy.

We strolled around the center where I got my favorite cupcakes: they are the best ever and the cheese topping is out of this world! All the cupcakes looked very Christmassy and I couldn’t stop my self from buying two of them..surely I won’t let them go off 😉
I also bought some make up from Urban Decay: an anti ageing eye primer (with the hope that it will cover the panda style circles around my eyes) and an eye pencil. I really love this brand and I think it’s great quality wise.
Catherine was behaved and, by the time she started fussing (because there is always a time when she starts fussing), it was lunch time so we headed to a typical Swiss restaurant which we all love.
The toddler ate most of her food (Pelu’ had the rest) and the morning was quite relaxed. Unfortunately, once at home she had troubles settling down for her nap and some drama unfolded; she eventually slept while I started the first batch of laundry (I think 5 more to go).
Charles was forced  volunteered to go grocery shopping with Catherine so I could get some more chores done, I appreciate it so much when I have some toddler-free hours as I can get something done! I actually did so much and managed to wrap all the Christmas presents! Hooray!
After a cosy dinner at home, where Catherine devoured tomato pasta, I’m planning to eat my cupcake and watch tv (Toddler willing) and unwind a little bit.
What about you guys? Living the life or being a desperate housewife like myself?


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