Blogmas: German shopping (Eng.)

Yesterday we went to Constant, in Germany, for a bit of shopping: we go there pretty much once a month as prices are halved compared to the Swiss ones and it’s also a very charming city.

We finally completed the Christmas shopping mission and that’s very good, however now I have the ungrateful duty of wrapping them like there is no tomorrow. Before I became a mom, I used to love wrapping gifts: it would take me hours to achieve pretty amazing results. Well, now I simply do not have any time for it and I will have a special assistant which will give, let’s say, an “artistic” touch to each package  ðŸ˜‰

It was a very busy day as we needed to buy so many things before the holidays and we also wanted to have brunch in our favorite place but they only serve breakfast until 11.30. We basically had to run around and I do not cope very well with being in a rush; after all I’m Italian and I like to do everything very S-L-O-W-L-Y, which is simply impossible when accompanied by a demanding Toddler 😉
Anyway we managed to have our super brunch! Catherine, after making few business calls, loved to eat there as she likes to pick and mix different kind of foods: she had most of my cheese with honey, ham, potatoes, bread with butter and jam and some soft boiled eggs (yes, she had quite an appetite!).

After lunch we quickly went to H&M where I got a cream cardigan on sale and a soft cat toy for Catherine which she wanted for so long! Every time we went to H&M she would run to pick it up and never wanted to let go of it. She was so happy with it that she was proudly showing it to every single person that would cross her sight and kiss it the whole time!!! Awww, these toddlers are just way too cute 🙂

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing boring groceries and toiletries shopping, Catherine was quite behaved (apart from the usual tantrum) and she went straight to sleep once we got back to the car.
Once at home I had so much shopping to sort out and plenty of other chores to do so I was worn out  by the evening. That was mainly due to the fact that I went for a mummy night out on Friday and boys, my wild years are definitely long gone!!


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