Blogmas: Swiss Santa (Eng.)

We convinced Santa to visit us a bit early so that Catherine could open her presents here at home; of course Santa is now travelling towards Italy to bring her other gifts!
This is the last year that we can actually get away with this trick as the Panda understands more and more, she is like a sponge of toddler knowledge 😉

We only bought Catherine tree little presents, first of all because she doesn’t really play with toys and second of all because she will get so much stuff from my family. She was so excited to see the presents under the tree and I wasn’t expecting that at all! The burger set was a big success: she immediately started to chew on the chips and drink cola 😉
We left one present for the afternoon as we were all hungry and we prepared a nice breakfast: Catherine doesn’t want to drink milk anymore so she got toast with jam, cheese and banana while we had eggs and bacon.
After putting on some much needed make up that stopped me looking like a ghost, we headed to McDonald’s to get some more “healthy” food. I brought some tomato soup for Catherine as I believe she is too young to consume a whole McDonald meal: that’s just my personal opinion and she’s by far the best fed toddler 😉

After another very disturbed nap we lounged at home and opened her last present: a stacking train which she loved! For dinner we had the well known “pasta alla Charly” (basically a sort of bolognese with more meat than pasta) and we will soon watch some telly. I still have a cupcake, yuppie!
On Wednesday we are finally heading to Italy for the holidays and there is still so much to prepare and pack! I hope that these two days will go by quickly as Charles is away and I don’t like it at all! I cannot wait to spend some quality time with my little sister and the rest of the family!

P.S. Together with this post you’ll find my first sort of vlog, surely you can see that it’s quite crappy (haha) but it is my first one and I hope to learn all the tricks very soon. 
Anyway I hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to subscribe 😉


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