Blogmas: Xmas wish list #creativemums part 3

This is the third and last appointment with my Christmas wish list featuring amazing mums, be prepared to an overload of gorgeousness!

LA SARTORIA DEI CONFETTI: I would be surprised if you still don’t know Federica but if you really don’t then I’m sure you’ll love every single thing that she creates. Apart from making wonderful skirts (I own a small collection already) she creates the cutest decorative items for children rooms. Being a super sweet girl, her products could’t be any more adorable, romantic and snuggly. She also custom made orders too which is always handy when you want to send someone a special gift.

Instagram: @lasartoriadeiconfetti

I FIORI DI SIMONA: Simona mainly creates  items for kids but she’s also a great graphic designer. In her shop you can find: adorable cuddly toys, decorative pillows, dummy holder, pretty buntings and much more. I love her product! On of my dearest friend gifted Catherine with one of her creation and they are lovely crafted and strong (you know toddlers right?!).
P.S. You can find some articles on sales in her shop, don’t miss it 🙂

Instagram: @ifioridisimona

BLUMENSHOP: Fiorenza transforms pieces of paper into masterpieces, I really have no idea how she actually make the stuff she makes. She lives in beautiful Turin where I used to live during my wild years 🙂 so she feels very familiar to me if that make any sense.
She also writes a blog in which you’ll find yummy recipes and ideas on how to style your table.
In her store you can buy: cool party kit, decorative items for your home, packaging kits and plenty more! I personally find fabulous the hot air balloons for baby nurseries, aren’t they adorable!?!

Instagram: @fioruzza

BREAKFAST AND COFFEE: an obsessive coffee lover like me couldn’t not love the ironic products designed by Marika. I mean this stuff has some serious swag!
Me and Marika became moms almost at the same time, so we are “virtually” connected as we are going trough the same funny (and less funny) phases of our toddlers 😉
She just launched this brand and I’m sure it will be a great success!!

Instagram: @breakfast_and_coffee

LA MAISON DES COEURS: Silvia is a super mom of twin girls and she creates lovely fabric items for your home and kids. I’ve bought two of her two throw pillows and I loved them, everyone that come to our house always compliments them. She created bibs, breakfast sets, table runnesr and she produces custom made orders, so if you have any idea just let her know and she’ll transform it in reality.

Facebook page:
Instagram: @lamaisondescoeurs

LA SOTTILE LINEA ROSA: Francesca is a working mom which, love to spend her spare time creating this lovely soft camera toys. I really wander how she manages to do so much as I’m already struggling to blog every single day until the holidays (my house looks like a bomb exploded). She has a  very bubbly  personality and also makes great youtube video!

Instagram: @lasottilelinearosa


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