Catherine’s first snow (Eng.)

Last week end the snow has finally showed her face and I couldn’t be happier, on the other hand we went from 15 degrees to below zero temperatures in less than 24 hours and I was freezing! Anyway, to avoid being caught by surprise by the snow we made a quick shopping trip to Germany to get all the necessary gear for the Toddler (I never miss a chance for shopping, even if just toddler size haha!).

Sunday, after dressing up like we were heading to Norway, we drove to Einsielden; a magnificent spot where, thanks to its height, the snow had already layered up nicely and was perfect! It was the first time Catherine saw the snow (ok, ok, she saw it last year but I doubt she remember haha) and she had a blast playing in it; unfortunately her outfit wasn’t giving her the best freedom of movement. Despite that she still managed to make a show improvising all kinds of funny moves 😉

After the Toddler run out of energies, we decided to walk a bit in order to let Pelu’ free to exercise her lazy paws without the leash. It was on a beautiful path where Pelu’ meet Enzo: a real fluffy Italian male dog, it was love at first sight and the two of them could romantically ran in the snowy woods.

We ended a perfect morning by eating some lovely and warm Swiss food, to be on the healthy side I decided to go for a sausage and potatoes (haha) which I shared with my little Catherine. I really love this little village and I’m looking forward to go there again to visit the Christmas market.