Catherine’s tales: 17 months (English)

The 17th month of Catherine had some ups but also many downs: the first high fever, huge teeth poking through, endless colds (for the whole family) and clinginess like there is no tomorrow. Adding, to that already unhappy picture, the fact that I’m extremely busy preparing for Christmas and I also had and this wonderful idea of blogging daily until the holidays (don’t get me wrong I do love to blog but I don’t always have the time for it)  I’m on the blink of a nervous (mommy) breakdown. Thank God from Wednesday it’s going to be holiday!
Anyway, enough with the complaining bit, I did so much complaining lately that I’m even feed up of myself haha, and let’s discuss serious toddler stuff πŸ˜‰

FOOD & CO.: Catherine is fully weaned and able to eat any kind of food on her own, hurray!! Finally we can all eat at the same time and I can have semi-warm suppers πŸ˜‰ She still has bad days though when she would just moan and moan and not touch the food unless entertained by cartoons and spoon fed (here I am: best mom of the year). I know it’s wrong to let her watch cartoons while she eats but it doesn’t happen very often and, for me, it’s a matter of survival.
I’m lacking of idea of what to cook for her so I found out that many moms makes toasts and so I tried: it was a success. She loves toast with peanut butter, banana, Philadelphia cheese (her favorite) and jam; she still doesn’t want to eat avocado (grrrr) which is, of course, one of the healthiest toppings. Catherine is very toddler smart and she always eats the topping first, only when nothing is left she will go for the bread!
FAVORITE ACTIVITIES AND TOYS: Catherine still shows very little interest for toys and enjoys whatever is dangerous and not allowed. She just learned how to open the sofa bed and she does that CONSTANTLY, in order to be able of climbing on the couch; she then sits all proud staring at the poor scared parents with a triumphant expression. I know it’s just a matter of time before she will fall and I’m panicking as only an anxious mother can do. Her second hobby is to empty the dishwasher, she loves it so much that she constantly tries to open it! I always remove the cutlery first and then I let her get to work: she’s so proud of her self. I’m fully aware that sooner or later she will drop and break a dish but I don’t really care (n.b. I don’t let her handle my pretty crockware) kids have to be kids and she actually helps out so I will take my chances.
PROGRESS: apart from eating on her own Cahterine is learning to jump (not there yet but practicing a lot) and she became a chatterbox, she talks non stop; just like her mother πŸ™‚ Too bad that her talking sounds like japanese but she must be very confused with all the languages we are speaking at home. If we could just move back to the UK that problem would be sorted (go tell my hubby).
ROUTINE: We have the usual routine which seems to still work for her. One thing that has changed (and I’m not happy about it) is that every single morning she wakes up at around 6.00 am and she “forces” her way into our bed. I don’t like this habit for several reasons: she playfully hits me for one hour before falling back asleep, I’m also scared she’ll fall despite the pillow barrier that I created and I don’t want to establish a habit which will be problematic once she will sleep into her own room (can’t wait as she snores like crazy).
DOWNSIDES: teething! Every woman is scared about giving birth but I think teething is much worse πŸ˜‰ Not to scare any pregnant lady but jeez the clinginess is on a whole new level when teeth are coming through. Catherine doesn’t sleep very well and she will just be quite unsettled no matter what we do, it’s really horrible for both of us and I hope this big premolars are coming out soon! Apart from the teething bit Catherine is a lovely toddler but also quite a handful: she has so much energy and I cannot keep up (old mama), I adore her and cannot wait for some quality time during the holidays!

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