Christmas 2015 Recap (English)

Christmas, as usual, went by way too fast but, at least, New Year’s Eve is around the corner! Time to get your sequins out … Oh wait, I’m a mom now so no need for that. I can just sit and eat in my pyjama 😉
Here is a recap of our days spent in Italy, it was lovely but also very stressful being away from home with a needy toddler. 
Last Wednesday we left after lunch, just around Catherine’s nap time. I feared that leaving so late would turn out to be a terrible idea as she would be even more tired and cranky then in the morning. Well, everything went so well I still find it hard to believe: there was no traffic jam (which is a miracle), Catherine slept quite well and, when she was awake, she was entertained by the dvd player (best idea ever). We managed to make just one quick stop when me and the Toddler enjoyed a sweet treat.
Catherine was over the moon to see her grandparents and she could already open a few presents, what a lucky Toddler she is!
Catherine spent the morning of the 24th with her grandparents while we went for a stroll and lunch in Alba: a lovely village very famous for wine and truffles (best combo ever). I was so worried to leave her as she is not used to be with others and she can be very wild, which requires very close attention. Despite my worries, everything went well and she had so much fun! We had a good time too: I bought a lovely suede bag and cute gloves, ate some yummy food and drank two glasses of wine which made me tipsy and turned my nose red in perfect “Rudolph style”. In case you are wondering I do not handle my alcohol very well 😉
After lunch Charles went back to Catherine while I got pampered at the hairdresser: I could finally get rid of my nasty “shatush” and have my hair back to a normal color. There I finally met my little sister which will soon make me an aunt; how cool is that!!
In the late afternoon Catherine opened some of her presents and, after she went to sleep, the grown ups opened theirs: I love unwrapping gifts and I received very cool presents!
On Christmas morning Catherine opened even more presents! My parents bought her an awesome ridable vintage car which she adored. She must have been a very behaved toddler or so was Santa told 😉
We had a family lunch together with my aunt and uncle, cousins and my super grandma! That was really nice as I hadn’t seen one of my cousins in over a year (he lives in Singapore) and I adore my super sweet nonna.
The food was out of this world and Catherine was incredibly behaved: she ate so much and made friends with two bigger girls, she made us all laugh as she would copy everything they would do in order to look cool.
As the Toddler skipped her nap we thought that she would be clingy once back home, in reality she was overly excited and played with her car the whole time. She didn’t sleep very well at night but that was to be expected after all the impressions during the day.
Boxing day was entirely spent being lazy and eating (again) at my sister house, unlike me she is a very good cook so it’s always pleasant to eat there. She lives on a farm with hundreds of milking cows and Catherine had a blast looking at the baby cows; she loves animals and was so fascinated by them. The cows were super cool but they were nothing compared to the happiness that the dog Alba brought her: she was patting her all the time while making the cutest happy sounds (she still speaks a version of Japanese I think), Alba was very happy to get all that attention!
For dinner we decided to order a pizza just to make sure we didn’t get too skinny 😉 Catherine didn’t eat very much as she was too busy with all the new things surrounding her.
Sunday was a shopping day! We headed to the outlet in Serravalle Scrivia which is lovely but, for me, still very pricy: I’m used to H&M and Zara and not paying 80 euro for a sweater. I just bought two Nude lipsticks and one lip pencil. Luckily, afterwards, we went to Maison du Monde where I got a set of big glass plates which I will use as place mats. I must say I wasn’t too impressed by that shop anymore: Riviera Maison quality is so much higher (so are the prices, unfortunately) and I can immediately tell the difference. I already have so many decorative items and, even though they did sell some nice ones, I preferred to buy one nice item instead of many cheaper ones.
Sunday was also the day that I had to say goodbye to my sister and, as you can see from my vlog, I was quite upset about it. I decided to drown my sorrows with one last bit of food so me and Charles headed to a lovely restaurant where I got a chocolate pudding with truffle: such a weird but amazing combination!
Monday was spent in the car for the first part and tidying up the home for the rest of the day; of course the trip didn’t go as well as the first one but we managed and it feels good to be home with a steady internet connection! Now it’s back to the normal routine which Catherine really needed and back to blogging twice a week on Monday and Thursday. This year I will also make many more videos which I hope you will enjoy!

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  1. Gennaio 5, 2016 / 8:07 pm

    Oh my, your girl looks beautiful! I love her STYLE, you can never start too young 😉

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