Christmas weekends: markets and drama (Eng.)

We started the day with a scrumptious breakfast out followed by some groceries/Christmas shopping. Catherine was very behaved: she loved picking toys and wandering “wild and free” around the supermarket. This was easy and fun because Charles was there too; if I would have been on my own it would have been a nightmare! Catherine can make any kind of shopping such an impossible task and, as you can imagine, I’m quite sad about it 😉

We had lunch at home and, again, the Toddler almost didn’t touch her food…I find it very frustrating when she refuses to eat. On the other hand I believe she has three teeth poking through so I need to be patient as that must be the reason.
After her nap (and some telly for us and furry Pelu’) we headed to the Christmas market in Einsiedeln: a picturesque village which I already told you about here.

We decided to go there at the end of the afternoon when all the Christmas lights are lit as it’s very magical. In my head I pictured a perfect afternoon sipping mulled wine, snacking on raclette and snooping through the stalls. Well, the reality couldn’t have been more different: after an ecstatic moment where Catherine went on the carousel having a blast, she started yelling from the top of her lungs non stop. Nothing would make her stop, not even bribing her with sweets…so we decided to quickly return to the car and head home. I must admit I was very disappointed, being a mom can be quite challenging some days.

Luckily she calmed down once we arrived home and Charles made us a lovely Bolognese pasta which also Catherine enjoyed very much, we also indulged ourselves in some strong red wine (adults only!).
We are planning to visit more Christmas markets and I really hope that the whole experience will be more pleasant next time 😉


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