Dipping queen

Saturday was another day of torrential rain: it was so ugly and humid that the only thing I felt like doing was curling up under my duvet, light candles and do nothing (apart from eating junk). Well, after a quick reality check I realised that I’m a mom and therefore none of the above would happen 😉
 I suggested to Charles, in a very cheesy way, to go to my favourite interior store and check out the sales…he gave in quite easily: isn’t he the best?!
The sales were pretty disappointing but I managed to get my hands on few things anyway (did you have any doubt?). I got another huge wicker tray for my kitchen table, a little basket (I’m actually a bit obsessed with wicker items), a candle and a gorgeous linen table runner. Miraculously Catherine didn’t wreck the whole place, instead she was very fascinated (and scared) by the buffalo head on the wall…I really don’t get why someone would like to put the head of a dead animal in their home, so weird!!

Since keeping fit was not contemplated in my new year resolutions (I just decided not to bother with that since I know that I won’t follow through) we lunched in Zurich with burgers and chips 😉 Catherine made a wonderful discovery at the restaurant: the dipping bowl! She saw me and Charles dipping our chips into the ketchup and she couldn’t stop dipping everything she could find in it: chips, bread, coleslaw, fingers and even crayons! She looked like a crazy dipper haha! That was so funny but we actually had to trick her by giving her an almost empty bowl otherwise she would have just eaten ketchup and mayo!

The rest of the day was spent at home as I had some chores to do, luckily Catherine helped me a great deal with the laundry: what a good “toddler house goddess” she is!


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