Merry Xmas friends! (English)

Finally tomorrow we’ll be heading to Italy!!! I’m so excited to see my family, especially my little sister.

Today we were extremely busy packing: the Toddler did her very best to ensure that everything was folded properly before pulling it out of the suitcase so that I had to do it one more time. She has an eye for detail and always wants things done in a certain way 😉

Today I want to wish you a fabulous Christmas surrounded by the love of you family and friends and, of course, with a ridiculous amount of gifts 😉
I really appreciate you reading my blog and leaving lovely comments on Instagram, It makes me really want to continue with this blog. It is the first time in my life that I feel so passionate about something and I could’t be happier! Part of the merit goes to you: in just over a year you’ve become like real friends to me and I value you guys a lot.
It’s not my intention to write a teary post but I surely want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your support, it means so much to me.
I have loads planned for the new year: videos, home improvement, travels and much more!

I will try to do some vlog of our holiday but I cannot guarantee I will actually manage: it depends from which wifi I can find and If I can actually do everything from my iPhone (what a great idea it was to buy a desktop and not a laptop) however I really hope so!

P.S.  if you want to make sure not to miss our vlogs you can subscribe to my channel by clicking on the link below 😉
At last; MERRY CHRISTMAS guys!!!

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