Monthly picks: January

This post is slightly late (oeps!) but I hope you will forgive me 😉
January was surely a “beauty month” in the sense that I got quite a few new products! I have to say that the blame goes entirely to Youtubers: whenever I watch beauty videos I feel an uncontrollable urge to shop! Oh well, I just bought cheap superdrug products so I’m not homeless just yet 😉

I have been using this primer for months and I have to say I love it! My eye shadow would never last very long (especially the Dior one which I will never buy again!) but applying this product really helped my make up to stay in place. I love the fact that is anti-ageing as well: after hitting the 30’s every thing that is anti ageing/wrinkle has become my best friend. I’m not so sure that those products will make me look younger but I’ll take my chances!

I have lived in the UK for years and had quite a repulsion towards the widely used dry shampoos. Well, becoming in a mother has destroyed transformed my hair: instead of smooth waves I have dry straw like, unmanageable hair. I tried almost everything and this dry shampoo really gives my hair a boost and take some of the dullness away. It has a pinch of color in it so my hair looks fuller instantly. I use it every other day in between washes and I like it a lot. My hair is still far from good but I hope it’s just a phase (or I will start taking pregnancy vitamins hahah!).

I never figured out how to apply eye shadow in my eye crease and outer corner without looking like a panda… but then Youtube came into my life and it solved quite some problems ;). I think it was in a tutorial from Anna Saccone that I saw her using an angular brush and I had to have one! I got mine for less then 3 euro but it works wonders and has made my life so much easier!!!

My sister gave me a car scent diffuser from Yankee candle in this fragrance and I love it so much that I bought the matching candle! Normally I don’t like flowery fragrances: I find them too strong and sweet but this one is lovely! It is very delicate and fresh and smells like spring (which I’m craving by the way).

Normally I never wrote about products that I don’t like but his month I had a couple that I wanted to share with you!

This is one of the products I bought hoping it would give a luscious look to my hair, instead it actually make them drier and heavier. Perhaps it was supposed to be used only as a heat protection but that’s not what the label promised.

I’m really terrible at applying eye liner however, every time I attempted to use this one, things got really messy and I looked like I just got into a fight. For me the point is way too long and that makes it extremely hard to draw a precise line. I’m still looking for the perfect eye liner but so far no success! Maybe there are some expensive brand that have THE eyeliner but I don’t want to risk paying 30 euro (or more) for something that I won’t be able to use!

That’s it for this month and I will see you in March!!


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