Monthly picks: November (Eng.)

HURRICANE VASE RIVIERA MAISON: I love this vase like a little girl loves candies! It’s identical to the other one I already have but much bigger and the two of them make a perfect combo. At the moment it’s filled with Christmassy decoration but I have so much planned for this vase!

SET HAND MADE BY CREATIVEMENTI: this girls are amazing! They create the cutest baby stuff and the quality is spot on. They already gifted us a bib and now they sent us even more goodies! I also purchased few presents from them for my friends and they all loved their products. If you need ideas for Christmas present I suggest you to have a look at their Instagram page!

SNACKS FOR FUSSY EATER: since Catherine started to eat on her own she dramatically reduced the quantity of food that actually get consumed; the equation is roughly: 25% on the floor, 25% to the dog, 10% on my clothes and the remaining 40% in her tummy. She is not interested in eating (unless cake or cheese) and she doesn’t have the patience to sit for a full meal, this results in her becoming “the queen of the snacks”. She constantly guide me in front of the treats jar where she will point at it while making funny noises.
We found this organic nibble at the DM and she adores the bear one (I must admit they are yummy and I also eat them a lot). She could eat the whole jar if I’d let her, the only problem is that they stain!!! So be careful or you’ll have red fingerprints everywhere!


CANDLE HOLDER “WINTER”: oh boy, I really needed a new candle holder ;), well obviously not and my husband wasn’t too happy when he found it hidden at the bottom of the shopping cart but it was so cute! I want to justify myself by saying that it came with a bargain price of 3.25 euro, so it would have been a crime to leave it there haha! I will use it the whole winter and I really like this style of glassware with some writing on it, they are quite hard to find so I’m very pleased with it; i’ve found it at the DM in Germany.


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