My creative friend: Fiorenza

Instagram gives me the chance to virtually meet many super women and moms, Fiorenza is one of them: we “discovered” each other thanks to our shared passion for pretty “mises en place” and I also prepared a Springy table ad hoc for her blog (Chi c’è a cena stasera) last year. She lives in Turin a city that holds so many happy memories as I lived there during my student years.

Me and Fiorenza became mothers pretty much at the same time and, the both of us, are currently trying to transform our passion into a proper job. As you can tell we have so many things in common and it’s a shame that we live so far from each other.

Fiorenza, despite two degrees, opened her online store “Blumen” last year driven by the passion for paper: she is incredibly talented and I love her hot air balloon!

She sent us a lovely frame with one of her hot air balloons and a very cute garland: everything is, obviously, displayed in the little princess room! You know how much I care about pretty decor items and her creations are so sweet and perfect for you kids rooms.
Fiorenza is offering a 15% discount on her entire collection to all my readers, have a look at her shop and keep in mind that she can custom make orders just for you. I leave you guys to her link, enjoy your shopping: the discount is valid until next Sunday 🙂


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