My living room on a sunny winter day

As soon as the festive period is over I feel like I need to freshen up my entire house and then wait patiently for the spring to come. During January and February tulips, bulbs and cherry branches will make their appearance everywhere in my home.
Last week I took advantage of a sunny day to take some shots of my living room area, it had just snowed in the days before so everything looked so beautiful!

I love this little vase from Riviera Maison and that little flower steam inside smelled amazingly!

I didn’t have the courage to store away the sequinned pillows just yes: I love them dearly and i think the silver is perfect for the wintery months so I decided they’ll stay until Easter (unless I’ll get bored with them earlier which is quite likely).
On my trunk/coffee table I put a tray with simple white candles, in case you are wondering Catherine is quite good with not touching them!

On the tv stand you can spot my lamp from Riviera Maison, a wicker tray with a candle holder and a pot of flowers (no idea what they are) which I placed inside the wine cooler that I showed you in my video haul. I love to use this wine cooler for other purpose instead of actually holding a bottle of wine: I can’t wait for summer to fill it with tons of fresh flowers!

I really love this little side table, i use it in the evening to hold my cup of tea and sweets because I do have a treat every single evening (then I complain about my shape, go figure!).
I would like to put a little plant in the basket but I still need to find one that I like so, for the moment, it is empty and used as a toy container of Catherine 😉

In winter I love to arrange long cherry branches in huge vases, they create a nice visual effect; this is also a very cheap solution as they last for weeks! The only thing you’ll need to do is change their water to avoid that it looks turbid and neglected.

I have decorated my Ikea console table with some bulbs, a plant and branches which, again, I have no idea how they are called, candles and the usual mirror plus lamp from Maison du Monde.
One thing I like to do is to buy cheap bulbs (at the Lidl for example) and then put them in nice vase or candle holder! Immediately you will have that posh “florist look” without spending a lot of money!
I really hope you liked this post, soon I will show you Catherine’s new bedroom as well so keep following my blog each Monday and Thursday and you won’t miss a thing 😉

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