One year of Sara and Catherine’s tales (Eng.)

Tomorrow my blog will blow its first candle out, time has flown since I started and I get more and more passionate about this hobby which allows me to feel more than just a mommy.
Even though a year doesn’t seem much, for me it’s a real miracle that I managed to keep up with this project: I have always been inconsistent and I never finish something I start. Not even at Uni which, mind you, I’ve dropped to follow by British dream when I had only two exams left (well, who would have known that I would meet my husband and never go back to Italy?!). I always get so close to the finishing line but, for some reason, I tend to find something more rewarding and exciting to do instead, so I end up never really achieving my goals. I’m very restless with everything, for instance I would love to move country every other year… it’s like I’m trying to experience as much as possible, trying to live as much as possible…like there will never be enough time to do all the things I’d like to do. If for once I could focus on something and actually go for it until the end I’ll be extremely proud of myself.

Well, all this bla bla bla just to say that I’m very happy I’ve managed to blog for a year without getting bored of it. In fact it is quite the opposite and I love it more and more! Of course, knowing myself, this passion could disappear tomorrow but I really hope otherwise.
I loved writing since I was a little girl: using my bed as a desk and my knees as support, I used to do it every time I felt down and I would feel lighter after a good hour of splashing ink on a paper. The problem is that, having lived abroad for more than six years, I don’t speak or write decently either in English or in Italian; let’s hope practice will help haha!

It’s funny to think that the first post on this blog was about a recipe given that I hate to cook!! With time this virtual diary is gaining a clear self-identity and becoming a very personal space (no, I don’t mind everyone knowing my business in case you’re wondering). It’s like a mirror reflecting my life and my passions.
I hope you’ll enjoy reading it for another year and that my passion will just grow stronger, see you in 2016 😉


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