Retirees style New Year’s Eve (English)

I never cared too much about New Year’s Eve celebrations: I always found them quite disappointing and the most fun nights that I recall were never during this specific event.
Since I became a mother I can barely keep my self together until 10 pm, so forget about staying up until midnight; for that reason this is our second “retirees style New Year’s Eve”! Well, probably even older people saw more action than us, in fact I know that my parents had quite a night out filled with dancing, food and, by guessing, some booze too ๐Ÿ™‚
I’m not complaining as I think that the last two were the best New Year’s Eve ever! Having a small child did change our perspective but that doesn’t mean that we didn’t enjoy ourselves; an added bonus was that Catherine could actually participate in the fun whilst last year she was a small baby and was in bed by 18.30 (ahh the good old times…).
Given that the worst thing that you can make me do is cooking, we decided to get some fresh yummy sushi and avoided the burnt food which I would probably have served ๐Ÿ˜‰
I spent the afternoon preparing a nice table, this time I was very pleased with the result and, after I was done with that, we all sat on the couch and enjoyed nibbles and wine. Catherine also proved to be a real entertainer as a soul music lover: she improvised the best dance steps ever, she is getting a real pro in Toddler disco! This munchkin surely knows how to impress her audience ๐Ÿ˜‰
We were unsure if we should eat all together or wait until after Catherine’s bed time to enjoy some tranquillity… we went for the first option and felt like that was the best choice: we are a family now and it would be unfair not to share these moments together.
As predicted the Toddler devoured her tomato pasta, too bad that afterwards it looked like her hair and face did the same thing (not to count every piece of furniture in the close proximity); the salsa was everywhere! One might wonder how that is even possible but kids seem to make the worst mess ever without even realising! As dessert Catherine got her favorite yogurt: Activia cherry flavour and, after a major cleaning job was successfully accomplished, she went to bed at her usual time.

Our wild evening ended with watching TV on the couch and eating mince pies and by 11 pm we were all fast asleep (not even the fireworks woke us up).
2015 was a great year: I felt very content and I’m looking forward to see what 2016 will bring as we have so much planned for it! 
Don’t forget to check out the vlog of the day on my Youtube channel, I will add the link here below!



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