Social Mama Tag (English)

I got invited by Carotilla to participate in this tag and I thank her for creating it: it’s a very “hot” topic at the moment and I’m happy to share my opinion.
Before I start I would like to point out that what I’m going to say is extremely personal: I believe that there isn’t a right or wrong when it comes to posting photos of your kids on social media and each parent should feel free to do whatever they think is the right thing to do.

How many kids do you have and how old are they?
Catherine is my only one at the moment and she is 18 months old.

What are your favourite socials:
Instagram! I’m literally obsessed with it: I always loved to take pictures and now I have the perfect place to share them. I also enjoy to scroll down my favorite galleries and interact with other Instagrammers. I’ve found a lot of people that share my interests and passions on Instagram and, with some of them, I have built a real friendship and I think that’s super cool!

Do you post photos and videos of your children?
Absolutely! Before Catherine was born I always told myself that I wouldn’t post her pictures on any social media portal. Well, when she finally arrived it just seemed so natural to post her pictures as she is part of my daily life which I always have enjoyed sharing. It was something that happened very spontaneously and I never asked myself whether I should or shouldn’t do it.

Do you show their faces or do you try to avoid it? Why?
Yes I show her face as I don’t see anything wrong with doing that. I opened my blog when Catherine was 4 months old and I shared her monthly progress: I really enjoy to look back trough my posts and see how much she has changed. Of course I could have done that in a more private way but that was my decision and I stand by it for 100%.

Does your child know that she is on social media? Is she happy about it?  
Catherine is too young to understand that she is already an “Instagrammer” 😉

Do you ever wonder which reaction your kids will have once they’ll realise that you posted their pictures? 
Yes! I asked myself that question several times but I came to the conclusion that, once they’ll be big enough to understand, social media will be everywhere and I hope she won’t mind.

Do you limit yourself in the moments to share or do you like to share everything about your kids?
I do share a lot on social media but there are two things that I wouldn’t feel comfortable to share: pictures of her naked or sitting on the potty. I see those kind of photos on Instagram a lot and I think there is nothing wrong with them, in fact I find them very cute but it’s just something I prefer not to share so, again, it’s just a very personal decision.

Did you ever receive negative comments based on the fact that you share photos of your kids? 
Luckily not and I hope I never will as I believe it is something strictly personal and no one else’s business.

Do you think there is a real danger in posting pictures of your kids? 
Honestly I don’t think there is and I have no fear posting them. It would have been a different story if I was very famous: I believe that that can put you in a position where you become a target, however I’m totally not so I have no worries 😉


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