A stroll in South Kensington

Living in London with two kids means that we are always on the go and, as we don’t have a car, we always have so much stuff to take with us! If you are a mum then you know what I’m talking about but that’s not it. Often during the weekend I need to shoot a lot of content which means I have extra items to carry: snacks, clothes, comfy shoes, you name it, it’s in our stroller!
When I was asked to try the new Joolz Day 3 I was thrilled: with its stylish Dutch design (which I have a weakness for) the new Joolz Day3 combines tradition with the latest technology on the field. It comes in 5 new stylish colors, with leatherette touch points and amazing quality fabric that makes this buggy extra durable and strong whilst being lightweight.
London is quite a child friendly city, however, it does happens from time to time that the restaurant we head to for lunch doesn’t have a high chair. That’s where the new Joolz Day 3 comes in super handy: I just remove the front bar and, thanks to its extra height, the buggy easily transforms into a high chair so Harvey can join us for lunch no matter where we go.
Driving the buggy around is so easy and I can push the buggy with one hand which is amazing when having to hold a little hand with the other! Also, you can purchase the buggy board separately which is such a life saver. We walk a lot as London is a huge city and Catherine is not yet able to cover long distances. Another great point about the new Joolz Day is the upright storage which makes it so easy to fold and it doesn’t take a lot of space. I found that particularly helpful when leaving the buggy at Harvey’s nursery where the buggy parking area is limitate and buggies need to be folded.
Overall we are so happy with our new buggy, Harvey likes it so much that he tries to climb inside it all the time and he loves to watch Peppa Pig from it (super funny!). What a little boy he is!

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