Big news: we are moving Country!!

I’m extremely excited to write this post as I have super cool news! I have no idea how I managed to keep my mouth shut until today, it was super hard!

As many of you might already know, I never fell in love with Switzerland and it was never a secret that I missed living in a big city. Charles and I had several serious talk during the last few months and, finally, we took a decision that will substantially change our lives: we are leaving Switzerland! Well I will leave full time while my husband will still be here regularly for work; basically we inverted our current situation. So me and the crazy Toddler will put our roots in Holland, yeyyy! I cannot express how happy I am, I will enjoy much more to be alone in a fun city instead then surrounded by cows and deers ūüėČ Please note that this is just my personal opinion, of course the countryside is lovely but it doesn’t do for me!

We where very lucky in finding a new home that suits all our needs: we will need to downsize a bit and we won’t have such a stunning view like here but who cares!! I’m head over hills with the new house and I think it looks amazing, I can’t wait to move and start decorating it.
As you can tell I’m quite enthusiastic about this move but the decision wasn’t easy: Switzerland is one of the safest country for kids to grow up and leaving that is troubling us a bit. However I strongly believe that happy parents make happy children and I wasn’t happy here. I never felt at home and always in a sort of limbo waiting for something to happen.

Amsterdam it’s a very international city, I found it very easy to get around as EVERYONE speaks english and they are very helpful (unlike here). On top of that Charles and Catherine are Dutch so I feel like, somehow, we belong there more then here if that makes sense.

Unfortunately I’m not sure that I will be able to keep up with 2 posts a week in the next few months as I have so much to organise! I will definitely stick with the Monday post but, occasionally, I might have to skip the Thursday one. I hope you’ll understand and you won’t stop following out adventures as I will document everything here and on my Instagram!

Well, this is it for now. I can’t wait to show you the new house which I will literally fill with flowers as they cost nothing there: I saw an offer of 50 tulips for 6 euro! That is so cheap! I guess my husband will be very happy about that ;)!
Did I already say that I’m extremely excited???!!?? MAY COME SOON!