Catherine’s second birthday!!

Catherine’s second birthday party wasn’t so well planned as her first. Between the recent relocation, the holidays, a printer that refuses to work and, let’s admit is, a bit of laziness, all the details weren’t as good as last year.  I regret a bit not having started planning before the move but I’m human so I understand it’s ok not to be perfect 😉

I went into a wonderful kid party store in Amsterdam to get some inspiration and that is where I found most of the pretty stuff! I chose to go for pastel pink and gold as I believe a bit of glitter goes a long way! Then, in the following days, I popped into a few places and bought the rest trying to keep the theme harmonic.
I covered the rustic wood table with a plastic drape and a white paper one: I always like to use white as it makes the accessories stand out more. On the table I arranged a princess  cake in the middle (it was so delicious), a mason jar with some scented water, pretty pineapple plates, a jar filled with marshmallows, napkins, some glittery pink tiaras for the girls and some magic wands as well. These last ones were a great success: Catherine kept going around the house whipping the wand onto any surface and even on the dog haha!
I also attached a paper garland to the lamps over the table to finish the layout in style and glitter 😉
For each kid I also prepared a little goodie bag and the little ones were so happy to go home with a little gift! It always amazes me how little you need to make a child happy, aren’t they the sweetest things in the world?
For Catherine I forgot to order a customised outfit in time so I had to get another idea: luckily on a trip to H&M we spotted a pretty tutu in pale pink with some gold, perfect right? I also got her some gold slip on shoes which she was so proud of!
The Toddler really had the time of her life! She was so happy with all her new toys and she loved to have kids over. She was especially obsessed by one of the bigger girls: she was following her everywhere, holding her hand and asking her to open her presents! She felt so proud to have such a “big” friend and they were the cutest thing to look at.
Of course Catherine ate so much! I ‘m still shocked if I think at the quantity! But then again, she played so much that she must have consumed a lot of energy.
The party went on until 8.30 and we ended it with some take away, eaten in the garden. Of course the house was pretty trashed afterwards: toys and chips everywhere but it was so worth it!
I have promised my self that next year I will plan in time and make the party even prettier as my little Catherine deserves the best!
I also kept one tiara, one magic wand and the cake candle for the memory box that I’m preparing for Catherine: I think it would be nice fo her to have a box filled with memories from her youngest years! So sweet!
♡ Pinapple plates, cake topper, candle, paper glasses and hanging pom pom De Kinderfeestwinkel

♡ Round plates, straws, garland “What a beautiful day” and napkinsi: Hema

♡ Tiaras and magic wands: Paperchase
♡ Lemonade dispenser: Blokker

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