48 hours in Amsterdam

Two weeks ago we went with Charles on one of his countless business trips to Amsterdam! I’m so in love with that city, it has an amazing vibe to it and plenty of charm.
As usual I had high expectations that weren’t fulfilled because of the “terrible Toddler” ;). She just hates the buggy so it is impossible to shop, how annoying is that?!?
We took the tram to the center and I thought she would love it as I thought it’s kind of fun for kids but I couldn’t be more wrong! Catherine yelled the whole journey while receiving bad looks from all the “city toddlers” proudly enjoying themselves on the tram while nibbling a snack. AHAHAH!

Oh well, It wasn’t the relaxing shopping trip that I had in mind but it was nice to change scenery, eat tons of nice food and be in a big city again!
I leave you to the video hoping that you’ll enjoy it!


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