My Dutch house!!

This is a long awaited post and I’m sorry it took me so long to show you my new apartment but since we’ve moved here I have so many inspiration and ideas but so little time.

There are still a few things in the apartment that need to be done but they are mainly details so this is how it looks like after a little over a month of living here.
I love this place, it’s so cosy and easy as there are no more stairs involved. I also love to be so central and having a little garden for Pelù: actually the garden is the part that needs some good TLC but I think that we will leave that for next year as we have too much on our plate for now.
This will be mostly a photographic post and I hope you’ll enjoy it.
We have a new grey couch and arm chair: I love the grey so much and I don’t miss my old beige sofa at all. I brightened up the ensemble with some white cushions and my beloved sequinned ones: I love the result so much!
As you can see I always use a throw on the couch to avoid stains as the Toddler is quite messy 😉
Since I wanted to use the foot stool as a side table. I bought a lovely huge tray on which I displayed a lamp, some tulips and a few coasters for when we have drinks as I noticed that tea stains are pretty tough to remove.
Along the window we have a wooden structure that hides the radiator and it is perfect to showcase some pretty items. As usual I used a tray to arrange some little decorations; I also put my Riviera Maison lamp behind the window as I’ve always wanted a lamp positioned that way: so cosy!
As this apartment is much smaller than the one in Switzerland, the Ikea chest of drawer is a perfect solution for extra storage. I use it for table cloths, Catherine’s bibs and extra vases etc. I have replaced the original drawer knobs with these white ones from Zara home.
I used two lamps at each side of the cupboard to make a statement and also because this apartment lacks natural light due to its low ceiling.

Both the table and the lights above it we bought from the previous owners as we fell in love with both, that is why I don’t know where they come from, sorry!

At the moment I have only a few shots of our bedroom but I will write a post ad hoc later on to show it a bit better!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this post and, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask by leaving a comment 🙂

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