My breakfast: April edition

We had some lovely sunny days here which inspired me to set up this very Springy breakfast table. Unfortunately the rain has now set in and it’s very cold, I better get used to it as I don’t think we will get too much sunshine in Amsterdam either 😉

The moving day is getting very close and there are so many things to organise which is quite a task when juggling between playgroups and toddler activities 🙂 I’m sorry I have been neglecting the blog a bit but I find it almost impossible to write once a week so I couldn’t keep up with 2 posts a week, sorry!!

Well, going back to my breakfast table, I hope you like it and that it might serve as an inspiration!! As usual you will find all the links to the products featured in this “mise en place”.
Thanks for stopping by and see you next Monday!!


♥ Runner, mugs, paper napkins and plates MIGROS
♥ Little white vase and glass jam container IKEA
♥ Jar glasses DOT COM GIFT SHOP
♥ Little rattan tray RIVIERA MAISON
♥ Paper straws and cutlery MAISON DU MONDE
♥ Napkin holder “Vera Wang – Wedgwood” 


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