Let’s get this party started with my VQ radio

The kitchen is one of my favorite parts of the house: it has a very rustic/country feeling and I put great care in decorating it. As the season of short days and long nights approaches, I feel like I want to spend more time here, baking treats that smell like cinnamon while sipping hot mugs of tea. Plus the festive season is around the corner so what’s better than an afternoon baking session?

The challenge is to keep my crazy duo entertained whilst working my cake baking magic. Catherine is quite into baking but after a while she gets bored: she’s only interested in whisking the batter and licking if from the tools really! Our VQ radio plays a big role in keeping everyone happy. Catherine LOVES music, she dances literally everywhere. At the first hint of music she delights everyone with her moves, she has no shame really which is great; I really admire her confidence and I hope that she never loses it.

Emma Bridgewater MY VQ RADIO

Recently she learned how to switch on our Rose & Bee Retro Mini radio and ever since she is our trusted deejay. She is always in for a wee dance and, whenever she is ready for it, she’ll turn the radio on screams out loud: “guys, let’s get this party started!”. A series of choreographies then follow for our amusement, Harvey is a fan too! What a character she is, always putting a smile on our faces.

I’m so happy with my Rose & Bee mini radio: the design is lovely which makes it a stylish decorative piece as well. An added bonus is that it can be taken everywhere so it’s perfect for travelling or to enjoy music anywhere in the house.

It’s almost impossible to get bored of a VQ radio as it combines DAB digital technology with FM so it features a huge selection of stations. However if you do need a change, it’s good to know that you can stream music from your phone or tablet too as the radio works with bluetooth technology. We often shift from pop music to nursery rhymes to keep everyone happy.

Emma Bridgewater MY VQ RADIO

My favorite designs are the Emma Bridgewater ones but there is something for each taste really. Also, from the 29th of October, a new gorgeous Emma Bridgewater design will be available to buy as a part of a Today’s Special Value day with QVC (U.K. only). You can see from the pictures how gorgeous this pattern is, I’m in love!

The Mini Radio range has a vintage feeling but it comes with all the modern features you need; as you can tell I’m very impressed.

I’m so excited to have partnered with the amazing team at My VQ to giveaway one of their beautiful Retro Mini radio’s across the entire Emma Bridgewater range (excluding the Pink Pansy pattern as it is only available to purchase on QVC on the 29th). The contest is valid across all of Europe so head over to my Instagram page and sign up now, you might be very lucky!

Emma Bridgewater MY VQ RADIO

You can see and shop the entire MY VQ range here.



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