Playhouse renovation

I always wanted to have a dreamy Pinterest like playhouse for the duo and I promised myself that I would transform our garden and finally make it nice and usable. 

I’ve read a lot on how to repaint a play house and collected tons of inspiration from Pinterest: honestly it seems that American mums are so crafty and talented in doing these things! 

Anyway it took me 3 full days to finish, here’s how:

DAY 1:

I sanded the whole house down and prepped it with 3 coats of wood preserver.

Harvey was my trusted assistant and thoroughly enjoyed swiping the patio.

DAY 2:

I painted the whole house (apart from the door) with 3 coats of Cuprinol in White Daisy, this was the hardest bit and I did it on the day Harvey was in school as it would have been impossible and rather messy if he’d been around.

DAY 3:

I unscrewed all the details: bell, plant holders, door handle and accessories and sprayed them with a gold paint (which they sold me as outdoor paint but already got damaged with the hail!!). I also purchased a door number, I chose the number 2 as it’s very representative of the playhouse owners, also known as “The Duo”.

I painted the door with 4 coats of Cuprinol paint in Fresh Rosemary.

That’s it!!

It was much harder than expected but I’m so glad it’s done! The kids love the result and we are spending all our spare time outdoors now, London crazy weather permitting of course  😉

What do you think of the result?


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