Christmas recipes: strawberry christmas tree

Darkness seem to creep in earlier by the day. Luckily the Christmas sparkle is starting to shine on, brighter and brighter: nothing seem cosier than making yummy treats with my favourite people. We have prepared something really easy, fun to make and amazing to eat: chocolate dipped Christmas tree strawberry.

Shortly I’ll share the recipe but firs there is a little story to be told…

Christmas Recipe Catherine cookingChristmas Recipe

The the story of a little girl that happened to love to jumble up with recipe’s ingredients, scattering chocolate stars as far as eyes could see.

Christmas Recipe

She loved to eat the ingredients too!

Christmas Recipe

Christmas Recipe

Always giving you the cheekiest face!

Christmas RecipeChristmas RecipeChristmas Recipe

She would eat and eat, despite promising not to do it again…

Christmas Recipe

But always being caught!

Christmas RecipeA great helper nonetheless!!

But now, to the recipe!


  • strawberries as needed
  • white chocolate
  • green food colouring
  • mini chocolate stars
  • glitter for food
  • oreo cookies


  • wash and cut the green part of  your strawberries and poke them with a toothpick
  • divide in half the oreo cookies and use the part with the cream as a base
  • melt the white chocolate over a saucepan of boiling water: the white chocolate can easily turn lumpy so melting it this way avoid that
  • add the green food colouring while melting the chocolate until you’ve reached your desired shade fo green
  • as soon as the chocolate is melted run (literally) and cover your strawberry with the chocolate. This part is actually so tricky as the chocolate tends to get lumpy and grainy fairly quickly. Use a food brush to me more precise and the toothpick should give you some added stability.
  • place the strawberry on a oreo cookie which will serve as a base
  • decorate your strawberry with the chocolate mini stars
  • sprinkle some white glitter powder on top

Christmas Recipe

Christmas Recipe

They could look better I know, but trust us: they are delicious!

Enjoy thoroughly…

And share it with your friends!

Or at least pretend to!

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