Red tweed for St. Valentine’s day

Hi loveliest bunch. January is slowly coming to an end and the season of blossoming is finally getting closer. I personally don’t enjoy January and February so much: I find them to be the coldest, longest and most boring months of the year! Plus we were all struck down by the flu and a never ending cough so it has been pretty miserable. BUT, Valentine’s day is fast approaching and I thought I would share an outfit that is very suitable for the occasion (with a lot of red tones obviously!)

Do you celebrate Valentine’s day? We never did to be honest but maybe this year it would be a good excuse to have a date night with Charles. We are always so busy with the kids and work that we forget about us as individuals and that’s not good! I think it is so important to find some time for ourselves, to remember and cheer the wonderful years we spent together so far.

This look is great, casual yet elegant!

I have paired a checked mini skirt with a tweed coat to make sure I won’t freeze as London is so cold lately. The white shirt is always a classic and, with an edgy twist given by the bow, it gives the perfect touch of romance to the ensemble. I don’t know why but I’m obsessed with bows, they make everything prettier and classier, don’t you agree?

Knee high boots are perfect for extra warmth and the mid heel is great if you are not so tall (like myself). Being on the short side, I was always very reluctant to buy over the knee boots but I found that, if you buy them quite tight on the legs and in black, they are not unflattering at all. Plus they are so comfy!

Finally I went for an embellished bag with some red touches, what do you think of this outfit?

  • Skirt, coat and shirt: Zara
  • Over the knee boots: Miss Selfidges
  • Bag: Top Shop



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