Unpacking the coolest shoes ever!

Few days ago I received the loveliest parcel in my mailbox and it came from London: my favorite place in the whole world!

I still get totally excited when someone wants to send me pressies in order to have my opinion, I mean my blog is still quite small and I’m so honoured when people think of me.
The first thing that I noticed when unwrapping was the care that was put into the packaging: I’m a very girly girl and I love pretty, minimal wrapping material. The boxes where so lovely and delicate I had to take a picture before opening: yes yes, I’m slightly obsessed with photos but you knew that already 😉
Inside the two boxes there were two pair of matching shoes: one for me and one for the funky Toddler which already owns quite a selection when it comes to clothes haha .
The shoes are hand painted and absolutely gorgeous: they are sealed but, of course, it’s better to avoid rain and puddles when wearing them… I love the design which is perfect for the spring and I can’t wait to take them for a stroll in the beautiful streets of Amsterdam.
I’m a huge fun of matching mommy/daughter clothes so I couldn’t be happier with them 😉
Sophie is a lovely and very talented girl and she also paints bridal shoes. As you might have noticed I don’t like to write entire post on a single products but I decided to make an exception because I think her idea is really awesome and might be of interest to some of you 🙂
Here some link you might be interested into:

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