Models for a day with Trotters Childrenswear

I will always remember the first time I stepped into Trotters. It was around Christmas, we had just moved to London and Catherine, my big belly and I went for a walk on King’s Road.

It was a cold and crispy afternoon, the darkness had crept in already but everything was lit by the Christmas lights: there was sparkle as far as you could see.

While strolling along I bumped into a window shop that immediately caught my eyes so I stepped in and there it was: the perfect British traditional style, translated into the exact children clothes that I was after! The cutest smocked dress, the softest knitwear and tartan, so much tartan! There is no such a thing as too much tartan in my life, I just love it. In fact I’ve bought Catherine the cutest little skirt which I’m hoping will still fit this year.

Catherine getting her hair done for the Trotters shooting

I was so pleased to finally have found a shop featuring a lovely boy selection too. I find it so hard to shop for Harvey: most often boy clothes come in bright colours and big patterns which is not really what I like.

When I was asked to take part in a photoshoot organised by the Trotters team I couldn’t believe it! My blog is a lot of work but it really gave me the chance of doing some pretty amazing things; the day with Trotters was no exception. 

We had such a lovely time in their company, eating beautiful Peggy Porschen cookies and chatting away. Catherine felt like a princess and had loads of fun. She met some lovely older girls which were instantly titled as her new best friends (yes, she makes best friends very easily). We discovered that she is a natural and loves to pose while putting on some pretty cheeky faces. However, mind you, Catherine wasn’t the only one to be modelling in our family, in fact also Harvey had a go, feeling very comfortable in the spotlight and smiling at the photographer. He was so cute dressed as a Christmas pudding!

Of course, Catherine didn’t want to leave and threw a massive tantrum on our way out (which was a bit embarrassing really). It was a truly wonderful day where, once again, I had the chance to test the high quality of Trotters childrenswear: it really is a brand you can count on when it comes to high standards, I recommend it highly. I can’t wait to pop in the shop and get some Christmas shopping going!

I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures and won’t be overwhelmed by Catherine’s cheekiness!

You can shop Trotters garments worldwide here.




  1. Karen
    October 20, 2017 / 8:05 pm

    Adorable, my girls would have loved this xx

  2. Hannah
    October 24, 2017 / 10:24 am

    Oh my goodness! How gorgeous does Catherine look? And those outfits!

    Thanks so much for linking up to #ALivelyStyle xx

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