Pink Martini’s and Australian vibes floating in Paddington

I don’t often take time off from the kids. It happened like 5 times in over a year but, when I do, I surely know how to enjoy it.

Me and the lovely Chiara went for a fun lunch at the DARCIE & MAY GREEN in Paddington. An open air site where you can admire the ever-changing London life. The new Elizabeth line will stop there and, as it’s crossing all the hotspots of London, you can imagine how desirable the areas around those stations will be.

Anyway, if you are ever around Paddington then I know just the place for you. Floating on a canal, not too far from Little Venice, there is a colourful Instagrammable restaurant and the food is lush.

The Daisy Green Collection boasts several cafes and restaurants which brings a bit of the Australian buzz to London.

We had a selection of food that was to die for: Halloumi fries (a must), Tzatziki with various breads, tempura crab, burger and yummy chicken. If you go then please do have a pink Martini, it was so delicious I’m still dreaming of it!

We also had an amazing crème bruleè and a little coffee selection.

It was such a lovely afternoon spent chatting and eating! It’s so great to meet someone likeminded who shares the same passions. If you don’t know Chiara you can find her blog here and her Instagram here. She is super talented and takes the best pictures!


Sheldon Square,

London W2 6DS


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