The Postal Museum in London: the ultimate fun filled experience you don’t want to miss

-Post in collaboration with The Postal Museum-

Remember when the world didn’t have any social media and mail was the main way of communication? In a city like London that meant a massive amount of work that had to be put together in order to deliver all those letters.

From a little girl writing a letter to Princess Elizabeth, to a sweetheart sending her love to her boyfriend during wartime, or for any other purpose it is so fascinating to think how those millions of letters were handled. In central London there is a fairly new museum where you can discover much more about that topic. Located just a short walk from Russell Square station, The Postal Museum is a hidden gem in the buzz of the capital. A fun filled museum that has something for every age, no exclusion.

Postal museum London mail rail ride

Postal museum London mail rail ride

Postal museum London waiting for the ride

Your journey will begin with an exciting subterranean rail ride. The ride will take you through tunnels and stops for several sensational experiences in which you’ll get to know more about how the London mail was handled in the old days. Apart from being extremely amusing it is also very interesting, so much so that even Catherine (who normally never sits still for a minute) was completely captivated by the whole ride and didn’t want to get out!

Once your Mail Rail ride is over do not fear: so much more fun lies ahead. The Postal Museum hosts learning activities that take you through history, covering a span of over 5 centuries. Once you are done there you’ll be in for the cutest surprise at Sorted!: a postal play space will greet its guest aged 8 and under and, of course, their parents are welcome as well.

Postal museum London learning activitiesPostal museum London family shotPostal museum London learning activities

The play area was such a huge hit with both Catherine and Harvey who were very fascinated by all the kids playing around them. You can add a 45 minute session at Sorted! onto your visit, or you can just attend Sorted! on its own without visiting the museum: your little ones can dress to impress as clerks, sorters and more. They can pretend to be employees of a child friendly size post office, deliver the post into tiny homes, drive a post van, slide down an action packed sorting hub and plenty more. There is also a reading corner to unwind, plenty of seats for parents and a dedicated space for crawlers as well. Catherine had loads of fun and was very sad to leave. Luckily her grandmother was arriving to visit that day so she left the play area with no drama. Instead she just said to another little one: “I’m going to eat now as my grandmother is coming later, bye!” she can be so funny and sweet.

Postal museum London fun at Sorted the postal themed play areaPostal museum London fun at Sorted the postal themed play areaPostal museum London fun at Sorted the postal themed play area

Just opposite the museum there is a lovely café boasting a variety of food to quench your appetite after such an exciting time.

I surely recommend a visit to this museum: it is really unique and very interesting for the whole family to see. It also hosts several events so don’t forget to check their website prior to your visit.

Both Harvey and Catherine were so tired afterwards that they slept peacefully throughout the homeward journey.

The Postal Museum

15-20 Phoenix Place

London WC1X 0DA

Open 7 days a week 10-17

Sorted! costs £5 for a 45 minute standalone session, or £3.75 if you add it on to your ticket to the museum (Prices as of December 2017).


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