Prêt-À-Portea at The Berkeley

If you are a fashion lover with an eye for unique settings, who loves the British quintessential ritual of High Tea, then the Prêt-à-Portea at The Berkeley will blow you away. 

With a menu that changes every six months, inspired by the fashion universe, this is one of the best High Tea’s in London.

Me and Catherine had the luck of trying the luscious Dior Prêt-à-Portea which is on until the end of September to celebrate the launch of “Christian Dior: Designer of Dream”, at the Victoria and Albert museum. It’s an exhibition that I highly recommend as it’s a joy for the eyes. So we were supposed to take my mum along but, unfortunately, my dad fell ill as many of you know and she couldn’t join. I took Catherine anyhow as she was super excited about it and the whole experience didn’t disappoint. 

First we got to choose our teas and Catherine was so thrilled to get her own pink Hibiscus tea.  They offer hot chocolate for kids as well but I avoided it as she would have been covered in chocolate and she was wearing white (I know I’m crazy!).

You can choose to have your tea accompanied by champagne or signature mocktails which are suitable for the little ones as well.

The tea sandwiches are sophisticated, flavoursome and feature gorgeous ingredient combinations. We got offered a simpler selection of sandwiches for Catherine but she decided to go with the adult ones and absolutely loved them (this girl lives the life!). The sandwiches were accompanied by some savoury treats and my absolute favourite was the parsnip cream, crispy chicken skins, Jerusalem artichokes, truffle walnut purée and forage herbs, honestly it was divine.

Once you are done with your savouries you are in for the most beautiful selection of cakes and fancies, inspired by Dior’s timeless and iconic designs. Don’t forget to order the most Instagramable Dior latte! Catherine was in heaven and so was I.

Our lovely girly afternoon flew by and when we were about to leave we met the sweetest Italian waiter from Sardinia who offered Catherine some Easter mini eggs, she was so impressed. She told everyone about him in the days afterwards telling how kind he was and that he told her to “come back soon”, bless her. 

Prêt-à-Portea starts from 60 GBP per person and it’s such an unique way to indulge yourself while out and about in London, I highly recommend it!

Thank you so much The Berkely for having us, you can find more info clicking here.

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