A simple London Christmas

This was one of the most quiet, most relaxed and most fulfilling Christmases ever. We decided to stay in London and enjoy our little family, without the stress of catching planes and packing half the house to travel.

I have surely missed my Italian family and I believe that every Christmas without them will be bittersweet but, at the same time, I love to build our own little traditions.
Catherine, for the first time, was aware of what was going on and was overwhelmed by the excitement of it all. She still sings “you better watch out, you better not cry, I’m telling you why” with a warning little finger all the time: so utterly adorable.

When she woke up and saw all the presents she just screamed “WOW” and ran towards the tree. Yes, we do a lot of presents and I know some might disagree but I used to receive tons of presents and I promise you that I’m not a spoiled person and I’m thankful for every little thing that I have. She was so excited to see that “Santa” granted all her wishes and brought her “Shimmer and Shine” together with a jewellery musical box that she was asking about for ages. Her expressions when opening her presents was priceless.

For Harvey this year was all about tearing paper (and trying to eat it) and playing with the colourful ribbons. Catherine was very sweet to him and she would show every present saying “look Harvey, look what Santa brought” haha!

We spent the morning opening presents and eating fresh croissants. We then prepared an early dinner at home. The table was beautifully prepared and Catherine loved the party vibe so much that she is still asking everyday if we can do a festive table again. I admit that most of the food was pre-made as cooking is really not my strongest skill! However I did put an effort in setting the table, does that count?

We spent all day indoor, it was all so simple yet so perfect. (Ok, ok, minus a few tantrums).
I have nothing but gratitude for everything I have in my life, yes I’m ambitious and always had big dreams but I’m fully aware of how extremely blessed I am to have my family. We are not perfect and have ups and downs but we will always have each other and there is no better feeling than that.

I hope you’ve had the best Christmas surrounded by what counts the most: love.


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