Sweet treat in South Kensington: Maitre Choux

You all know I love instagram: it’s my endless source of inspiration and great finds so, after repeatedly seeing the spectacular Eclairs made by Joakim Pratt, I decided I needed to check my self what all the fuss was about.
I was surely not disappointed; from their minimal white window I could immediately spot a mesmerising rainbow of eclairs, looking too pretty to eat. Well, of course I had to stop and take pictures.

I had my mind set on one of the pink eclairs and hoped that Catherine would pick another to share: I don’t particularly love strawberry flavours in sweets however, my Instagram obsession, made me wanna try it regardless. Obviously, my girly Toddler started to scream almost instantly “Osa, I want the Osa cake!” (rosa means pink in Italian) so we bought the two pink beauties and headed to the park for a pic nic. Bare in mind that, for Catherine, anything eaten on a grass field qualifies as a proper picnic! After taking tons of pictures I finally decided it was time to eat my Eclair and it was pure heaven: I still can’t believe I could actually enjoy something with a strawberry cream filling so much.

Joakim Pratt is the talented creator of the most pretty eclairs, choux and chouquettes: if you want to try something truly scroumptious made by a 3 star Michelin pastry chef then Maitre Choux cannot be missed. The variety is huge and changes accordingly to the seasons. It’s hard to believe that the only pastry that specialise in choux is actually here in London considering they are a French speciality, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough and, if you are a photo addict like myself then don’t forget your camera for some beautiful pics.



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