Redecorating my kitchen (English)

I don’t particularly like the kitchen in our home but, since we are renting, I’m stuck with it: I always dream of a white country style kitchen but for now, this will do and I’m trying to make it look prettier with some decorative items.
A few days ago I took everything off the countertop, cleaned up a bit, rearranged the appliances and all my bits and bobs. I also let go of my beloved steam steriliser: I do have an issue with cleanliness but I figured that, since I caught Catherine sharing the pacifier with the dog several times, all my obsessive cleaning efforts were quite pointless haha!
Here below you can find the video in which I show you how I redecorated my kitchen, I hope you’ll enjoy it; don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions and don’t forget to subscribe if you liked the video!


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