Catherine’s tales: 19 months monthly update

A slightly late post oepps πŸ˜‰

Big news on this front: we stopped the dream feed at 22.30 and switched her baby milk for a toddler one, yeyyy! Catherine was sick last month and, for a couple of days, she refused the dream feed: I decided to grab the moment and go cold turkey. I was quite worried that she would have make us go trough some terrible nights before adjusting but that didn’t happenat all. I’m very glad as life is so much easier now as I don’t have to wait until 22.30 to go to bed and, often, I’m all tucked in by 22.00 haha! 
Another big achievement was to wean her off the baby formula and finally giving her the toddler one πŸ™‚ We tried that before with catastrophic results: the picky Toddler would just not drink it and would then drive us bonkers as she was hungry! To make her used to the new taste I gradually mixed her old formula with the new one πŸ˜‰ 
Catherine is eating everything on her own and, mess aside, she is quite a good eater which is a big relieve since we went trough hell during the weaning phase. 
While my mother was here she bought her first chocolate egg and she loved it, of course I gave her a tiny amount and sacrificed myself to finish the rest haha!

Catherine is growing into a proper little lady and her favorite activities are the ones that involve imitating what I do. She’s obsessed with lip balm and she must have the softest lips ever considering the quantity she insists to put on ;), she loves rubbing cream on her body after the bath, playing with my make up brushes and putting on my cleaning gloves. Catherine insists on blow drying her own hair and she actually does a pretty good job! She makes me laugh so much, she’s the cutest little thing ever.


Catherine seems to get better and better at running without falling every two seconds which is great because my hair almost turned completely grey in the last couple of months. She is very good at climbing up the stairs and, so far, she’s been great at not attempting to do that alone! I’m glad we will move into a single storey apartment soon as I always have to be alert and make sure that she doesn’t climb up.
Her dance moves are improving and she is mastering pirouettes as well, she also sings in her own language which is always similar to Japanese πŸ˜‰
I’m a routine lover and nothing has changed apart from removing the night feed. Catherine loves to sleep in her new bedroom and I love not having to share the room πŸ˜‰ Now I can put cream on my hands, sneeze and move as I please in the night without fearing to wake her up!

Reading the last month’s update I see that not much has changed in this sense. The problem is that at home she doesn’t play and complains a lot! She expect me to sit with her to play all the time which is impossible, if I don’t do that I have to walk with her, literally hanging onto my trouser haha! She also wants to be picked up all the time, she comes with her hand in the air jumping up towards me. I know I should be stricter but she has that irresistible grin and I always end up for giving in πŸ˜‰
I think she needs a lot of stimulation and that is why we decided to send her 2 morning to a kindergarten once we have moved: I think it’s time and we could both benefit from it. Of course I will need to find a trustworthy pre-school which, considering my anxiety, might take a while haha!
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