Catherine’s tales: 20/21 months

These last two months went by so fast that I completely forgot to write Catherine’s 20th month post, sorry!! But let’s start with the 21st month update 🙂


Catherine is very happy with her new Toddler formula but she decided to drop her afternoon milk and now she eats fruit or yogurt and some crackers or a biscuit. Her food taste is also changing and she is not so happy to eat her veggie soup in the evening; as I think it is very important that she keeps eating it we tricked her by adding a few drops of ketchup (reduced salt and sugar version) and then she normally eats everything! She loves grapes and banana but she is not interested in any other fruit unless it is pureed which she seems to enjoy again (don’t know how long that will last but I’m trying to finish our huge stock of jarred fruit).
I must say she is quite a good eater in terms that she is not too picky and that is great since I’m not exactly the best cook 😉
I think that if I would give away all of her toys she wouldn’t really notice the difference: Catherine is not very interested in them and she only takes them out of the baskets to spread them all over the house: I’m constantly picking up toys! That being said she is obsessed by teddies: especially her Panda, she wants to feed him, comb him and she always takes him around the house.
Catherine loves to go out so we have a very busy routine filled with playgroup, playdates and activities; if we are home she gets so cranky and just moans the whole time which is not so pleasant when I need to do stuff around the house. 
Another favorite activity at the moment is to tease the dog with food: first she calls Pelu’ with some food in her hand and then she holds on to it while giggling like crazy! The poor dog is so patient and sweet and she knows that, eventually, she will get the food so she just goes along with her game. They are so funny together: Catherine always kisses her and wants to sit with her.
A lot of progress this month!! Catherine can finally drink from a normal cup without spilling water everywhere and she loves to do that. It makes her feel so grown up, I only give her a cup at home during meals to avoid a mess; for the rest she drinks her water from a Sippy cup (her favourites are the ones with a straw!).
The Toddler has learnt some new words: “scisci” which stands for ciuccio which is dummy in Italian, she can also ask where is the ciuccio altough it sounds more French than italian! She is finally learning that daddy is daddy and not mummy but she keeps calling mummy whenever she needs something! Another world she can say is “cacca” which in Italian means poo (sorry I know this is not very charming) but it’s very funny that she informs us when she does a poo (not always eh!!). I guess soon we should start to potty train her!
Catherine also says “night night”, “woof woof” which she uses for any animals and she always says “oh no!!” very theatrically when she cannot find something. 
She is so funny and I love her everyday more and I don’t know how that is even possible!
We still have the old routine even though Catherine seems to want to nap only for 1.5 hours in the afternoon instead of 2. I’m not so excited about it as those are the only free hours I have to work at my blog and do chores…I hope is just a phase and she will go back to her usual 2 hours nap 🙂

Catherine is teething and her canine teeth are poking through: I don’t know if that is the reason but she gets extremely cranky in the afternoon! Most of the days she wakes up from her nap screaming and then she is in a terrible mood until 6 o’clock which is cartoon time here!
It’s also possible that she is just genuinely bored and she might need activities in the afternoon too! Let’s see how it will go in Amsterdam: hopefully we will be able to go out more as we will be in the centre.
Well this is it for this month and I cannot believe that I’ll be writing the next update from Amsterdam!!
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