Unicorns and princesses party

As Catherine’s school was ending before her actual birthday, we decided to bring the party forward to avoid that many of her friends wouldn’t be able to attend.

This was the first time that she was really aware of her birthday so we wanted to make it special and we opted for nearby family venue. Our house is split over 5 levels (it’s not huge by any means, just one of those corky Victorian conversions where every single room is on a different level) so the idea of 15 toddlers running around wild and free was a bit scary. It seemed wiser to host the party somewhere else where I would be able to fully enjoy the celebration.Unicorn princess party

Unicorn princess girl partyUnicorn princess girl party

Catherine asked for a pony/princess themed party so she actually picked most of the decorations: well of course I pointed her in the right direction to avoid a blinding mix and match.

As I had not much time to bake or prepare proper food, I went on Pinterest for ideas and I’ve found countless recipes; here is what I managed to accomplish:

  • Nutella shaped mini sandwiches with sprinkles
  • Banana and strawberry lollipops dipped in chocolate and sprinkles
  • Layered pastel cakes
  • Brownies
  • Pink Cupcakes

Unicorn princess girl partyUnicorns and princesses partyUnicorns and princesses party

The key to this party was food colouring: almost everywhere I used a tiny bit of pastel colour to achieve the wow factor, or at least I tried!

Catherine loved every single moment of her party and she literally was unable to contain her excitement; the bouncy castle was a real added bonus and everyone loved it. It was the sweetest thing to see her playing with her friends from nursery.

She received so many beautiful presents! As she got so many, we decided to let her open one every day so that she could enjoy them more instead of being overwhelmed by them. She loved each one of them but, especially, the handmade cards from her friends: everyday day she picks a card and takes it with her everywhere she goes, even to bed. Kids are truly simple and amazing creatures!

Unicorns and princesses party

Unicorns and princesses party

Unicorns and princesses party

With a 4 month old baby it was quite a task to put a party together in barely two weeks but to see her so happy was the best reward ever.

I hope that in the future she will be able to remember little fragments of this day; to help her in that process, and as I do every year, I placed some memorabilia from the party in her keepsake box.

Unicorns and princesses party

Catherine changed so much in the last six months: she blossomed into a little lady and I couldn’t be prouder of the confident, strong, sweet girl she became. I couldn’t wish for more in life than days like these.


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