Venetian days

Venice is a place that pleasantly surprised me. For years it didn’t really inspire me (I must have been crazy) but it made me change my mind and fall madly in love. 

Venice welcomed us with one of its typical warm, sticky sunny days. With its labyrinth of canals and an impressive number of vaporetto’s and gondola’s.

On the water bus towards our “Venice home” I kept saying to my husband: “Gosh this place is so pretty it doesn’t look real” and it’s so true: Venice is breathtaking. It’s a place that I will never forget. 

We stayed in an air bnb that had amazing reviews. I must say it was very good but we would have expected a little more considering the reviews, has this ever happened to you? Anyway it was clean, functional and in the best location so nothing to complain really. As soon as we entered our studio flat the kids found the bidet and that was the biggest source of entertainment during the holiday. I think they never had such clean hands as during those days.

Venice will always hold a special place in my heart. I’ll treasure the memories of our dinner in one of the squares, eating fried calamari while watching Catherine play with her newly found friends. Harvey enjoying spaghetti and me having continuous dejavu’s  of the past. From the time when it was me and my sister playing in similar squares while my parents were dining. During those moments I felt how strongly Italy will always be a part of me and how much I want to show my beautiful country to my kids. 


If you’d like to visit Venezia I only have one suggestion: BOOK A TICKET ASAP. You won’t regret it.

I warn you that it is not the best place for buggies, poor Charles had to carry the buggy on so many bridges and stairs but at least he kept fit ahah!! 

The kids were surprisingly quite easy to manage: they loved running around in the squares, eating tons of pizzette during the aperitivo and walking around with their Venetian masks and posh fans, haha this duo of mine always makes sure that we don’t get bored!

Maybe this holiday was extra special as we all knew that we would leave Venice to go on an amazing cruise with my family. Catherine was so happy: she was the sweetest when the excitement completely overwhelmed her and she was almost tearing up while calling for her nonna.


I don’t know why I have these idillic memories of Venice because it was hot, the mosquitos ate us alive and surely we had some stressful moments but that’s the best part of traveling. You come back enriched and only remember the nice moments.

I don’t have many suggestions for you in terms of what to do and so on as we are quite unorganised travellers. We often wander without a destination just to get lost a bit too often. Venice is beautiful and you can’t go wrong.

My very few recommendations are : go to the rooftop terrace at FONDACO DEI TEDESCHI for the best views of Venice, drink a lot of Spritz, try the Bellini as it was invented there, bring some mosquitos repellent and enjoy every single moment!!


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