A heaven of flowers: the Keukenhof garden

I feel a bit bad to write about something that you won’t be able to see until the Spring of 2017, however I had too many beautiful pictures that I took at the Keukenhof garden and really wanted to share.
The beauty of this park is simply mesmerising and I never imagined that so much beauty could be seen together!

Unfortunately this park is open just for two months per year, during the blossoming of the tulips; it extends over 21 hectare and features around 7 million bulbs and 800 species of tulips, a real heaven if you love flowers and photography.
The Keukenhof park is situated in the village of Lisse, around 40 km from Amsterdam and it is very close to the lovely seaside location of Noordwijk so if you have a car you can combine the two, it is certainly worth it.

Catherine had loads of fun running around the park and attempting to plunge in the various ponds: she really has a thing for water. As dogs are allowed everywhere apart from the pavilion and restaurants Pelù could also come along and enjoy the fresh scent of flowers 😉

We wandered around the whole morning and then we stopped at the petting farm where Catherine had a blast feeding the little goats, stroking them and kissing them! Yes the Toddler is a real animal lover (I call her the toddler dog whisperer) and she kisses every kind of animal. Luckily she kissed them from a distance while Pelu’ gets kissed on the fur all the time, well it’s all antibodies or so they say!
She was very disappointed when the goats decided to run into the chicken shed (go figure!). However she didn’t lose enthusiasm and she started to chat with the chickens haha. Mind you I have a fear of chickens and anything that has wings so I had quite a challenging 15 minutes but I’m a parent and I cannot show myself as I wimp (even if I am sometimes).
After annoying the animals we went for lunch in the cafe situated besides the Miffy themed play area (which I loved by the way!) and we had poffertjes, the Dutch pancake which are eaten for lunch over here, I told you how much I love this country right 😉 ?

We ended our tour by walking around the pretty windmill and enjoying the spectacular view of the tulips fields. It was a sea of vivid colours and a magnificent spectacle for the eyes.

The Keukhenof is really an unique place to see but, as the park gets very busy, it is better to purchase the tickets in advance to avoid queue and arrive in time. The earliest hours are the best for taking photographs without having someone “photo bombing” your shots all the time 😉
The park will reopen its doors from the 23rd of March until the 21st of May 2017, I know it is far away but in case you are thinking of visiting Amsterdam next year keep those dates in mind. I will leave you the link to their website here below if you need more info!



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